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adopted at the rally of the Belarusian patriots and the representatives of the Belarusan democratic organizations on Memorial Day of the Belarusan victims and the anniversary of the Russian occupation of Belarus and the Russian aggression in Ukraine


In January 2022 the Russian Federation has lead its troops into Belarus in the guise of training exercises. The illegitimate chief of the state power Mr. Aliaksandr Lukashenka has facilitated this Russian military operation. The Russian troops have occupied the Belarusian military airfields, strategic plants as well as the national territory. Thus Russia has started the occupation of Belarus. In February the Russian troops have attacked Ukraine from the occupied territory of Belarus.

The act of aggression and of occupation of Belarus represents a violation of the state sovereignty of Belarus as well as an outrage of the international law.

The Russian Federation is a member of the United Nations and a member of the UN Security Council. Because of that we appeal the international organizations to implement the international law and to demand the Russian Federation to withdraw its troops from the territory of the Republic of Belarus without any conditions.


February 26, 2023


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